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Greetings and Salutations!!

No I did not drop off the planet and no my fingers aren't broken. Welcome to another long overdue installment of news.

So much is going on! First off, Triad is going great guns. We've got several regular rooms now and we've been making  a lot of new friends. If you haven't checked out the Triad page please do so at your earliest convenience www.triadbandva.com You will see that we have a VOCAL (Virginia Organization of Composers and Lyricists) showcase coming up on June 21. that will be a Monday night show at O'Toole's Restaurant on Forest Hill Ave. We will be the featured act of the evening and performing a 40 or so minute set of original music. Be aware too that this is a monthly event. VOCAL hosts this showcase the third Monday of EVERY month and it usually includes one or two opening acts followed by a featured performer. The showcase goes from 8-10pm so nobody has to lose a lot of sleep over it! We hope that you will slot our showcase date into your calendar but would also encourage you to make the third Monday of the month a habit.

Next item up for report is yet another VOCAL event. There will be a showcase at Dogwood Dell near the Carillon on 7/23. Triad will be performing a 20 or so minute set there. This ought to be a really wonderful evening. If you haven't seen a show at The Dell it's a wonderful outdoor amphitheater setting. We are truly looking forward to taking the stage there with our VOCAL friends-mark this on your calendar too!

Some other news of note...due to scheduling issues Triad will be limiting it's performances at Milepost 5 to one Wednesday per month. This will be more often than not on the second Wednesday of the month. Now that both Dale and Vickie are working full time and taking into account their distance from Milepost 5 and the hours they work, this change is necessary. I know I will be missing their presence and wonderful additions to the stage and the show. I (Dave) will still be playing solo on Wednesday nights as I have been for the past 10 or so years.

I hope you will continue to join me on Wednesday nights and also come and visit when Triad appears as well!

In other news, the schedule in Ocracoke, NC. is beginning to take shape and will be posted very soon. It is known that Triad will be performing the last week of my stay on the island from 7/11-7/18. If any of you are feeling like a road trip to paradise, that would be a good time to make it!

Looking forward to seeing you all out soon!!





Here is a very long overdue installment to the news.

Spring time is here once again! It's beautiful outside and the outdoor events are starting to happen!!

First of all I am chagrined to admit that I have been laid off of my day job of 3 1/2 years. The economy is tough on everything. So I guess I'll have more time to play music! I'll be looking for another position but for now I'll be trying to fill up my booking calendar.

So if you haven't been out lately you might have noticed some changes on the "Performance" page. The name "Triad" keeps popping up. Dave has recently hooked up with Dale and Vickie Payne. Those of you that have been around Richmond might have seen the trio Hearts And Bones back in the early '90's. I feel that they constituted one the finest vocal groups Richmond has ever had. Dale and Vickie were also wonderful enough to lend their talents to Patchwork's CD on the song "Promised Land", one of my original compositions. The two of them also graced the stage with Patchwork at The Flood Zone "Out Of The Box" concert-a second CD release event-as backup singers. A wonderful time was had by all! Dale and I got together towards the end of 2008 and started doing some duo work. Of course it naturally followed that Vickie, who has been singing with Dale for the better part of their lives, would join us and add her beautiful voice to the mix. The trio "Triad" was born. Dale, Vickie, I have been rehearsing and playing together at Milepost 5 weekly since the first of 2009. All of us have an abiding love for the 70's music we grew up on and it figures prominently in our sets. We also enjoy doing original tunes and have worked up some great arrangements of my tunes and Dale's as well. Our sound is different and exciting and the presentation is playful and fun. We are willing to try anything together that we know and... sometimes even pieces we don't know!

It's always a job getting a new group out in front of the public and getting establishments to take a chance on a new, untried group, but we're making progress as you can see on the "Performance" page. We've got some fun new things coming up in the near future including a James Center Lunchtime concert, a Tweener set, (See the "Performance" page for an explanation of this activity...) for Blue Line Highway at Legend Brewery, and the Iron Horse Restaurant in Ashland, Va.! we've also discovered a new venue just south of Ashland in, of all places, the Hanover Airpark. It's called O'Banks and Triad has played there a couple of times. The food is good and the folks are absolutely wonderful! We've greatly enjoyed playing there and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. Triad is also playing at O'Tooles on Forest Hill Ave. This is a Richmond institution in restaurant and night life!! They are now non-smoking and they've expanded to include the nieghboring storefront to almost double their original size!! The new room will be hosting  a fair amount of the music and it's a nice and wide open and includes it's own bar. It looks like Dave will be coming on to be the "fourth Friday Guy" as in he will be playing the fourth Friday every month as a solo. Triad is looking like the "third Saturday" group. We hope this will pan out and become a staple place for us. The atmosphere is great and it's so convenient to all areas of town.

Stay tuned to the news. I promise it will be more often and hopefully filled with exciting news about upcoming events and happenings!!




Howdy Friends and Neighbors!

For those of you that made the Release Party, Thank You!! For those that didn't, you sure missed a great evening! John and Kim opened the night with a really great set of tunes that set a great tone for the night. I played most of the CD with the help of Barry Charlton, Dave Napier, Jess Salomonsky and Tina Haney (of Sister Sweet), and Kevin Davis of Bon Caribe. We had a packed house and everyone was so attentive and responsive-really awesome! Sister Sweet finished off the night with a little help from Barry on the guitar. They sounded great doing a number of their original tunes and some wonderfully stylized cover tunes. The staff of Rare Olde Times was fabulous and very patient as there were a lot of folks to wind their way through. They did a stand up job of keeping things going and flowing! Thanks Andy and Crew!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for news on upcoming events and the ever popular Beach Report for the summer engagements!



Heads up! I'm baaaack!!

I hope all of you are starting the New Year with all the best! Boy do I have some news...

THE CD IS FINISHED AND THERE'S GONNA BE A PARTY!!! Come and join me and a number of the folks that worked on the CD at Rare Olde Times on February 24th. The show will start at 8pm and there will be lots of music. John Fetherston and Kim Tiller will be playing a set and Jess Salomonsky and Tina Haney of Sister Sweet will be doing a set. Jess and Tina recorded on the CD and will be joining Dave on the stage along with the illustrious Barry Charlton, Dave Napier, and hopefully a number of others that worked on the CD! It should be a great party and there'll be a lot of good folks and fun to be had by all. Don't miss it!!

In other news, Dave has got a new venue on Thursday nights. The City Bar at the corner of 17th and E. Main St. the show goes from 8-11:30. This is Dave Napier's latest restaurant and it is absolutely beautiful. The food is out of this world and the atmosphere is cozy and warm. C'mon down for the early break on your work week.

I look forward to seeing you all out there soon!!




Hey out there!!

Welcome to the new website! Glad you've stopped by!

Some things of note to convey:

The new CD is chugging along at it's own pace. Lots of good sounds coming out and lots of good ideas going into it. Some of you have heard pieces of the new songs or caught them in live performances. You will notice some changes but I think you will find they are for the better. we have most of 7 cuts down and I am endeavoring to get back to the studio as soon as possible to finish things up, these things take time.

My deepest thanks to The Sponsorship Committee for all of your support in helping to bring this CD to completion! We're not there yet but things are moving along.

For those of you in the Richmond Area, I will be performing at Settee in Shockoe Bottom on the 22nd of April from 8-11pm. a fine venue with great food and casual listening atmosphere. I think you will find it quite pleasurable. I have also picked up The Sapphire Grill as a venue of late. Italian and Greek food and great beverages on the Southside near Brandermill. I will be there on the 29th from 8-11 so come on down!!

If you have any questions about a venue or booking, feel free to hit the Ol' Email button to your left there and I'll get right back to ya'!!

That's all for now! Hope to see you out soon!!